(No...LITERALLY this time!)
By Brad Friedman on 1/7/2005, 11:47pm PT  

Travel took longer than expected. Much. (Who said it never rains in Southern California?!)

So...much catchup to do over the weekend, I guess. Along with preparations for the revolution. (Anyone have a pitchfork or torch I can borrow? I wanna look my best for the opening!)

So to that end, apologies for a quiet day today (not that you guys were quiet! Which is just fine by me!), and a potentially quiet-ish weekend while we take care of various pieces of related business. We'll see how it goes.

But this is mostly just a quick note to say that I had the 11pm PT repeat of Hannity & Colmes on just now in the background when Republican Ed Rollins, apologizing for Americans committing torture or something says, "It's all bullshit."

Yes..."Bullshit"! On the Fox "News" Channel!

I, for one, am outraged and offended! Has Fox no moral or family values?! I could have been watching that at 6pm PT with my young daughter! If I had one!

And while such a thing can happen on live TV (though we'd expect it would get snuffed out in the delay), this was the 11pm PT repeat! And it wasn't even bleeped out before the second airing!

Hannity didn't even say a word about it. Just went on with his harranguing of the Democratic guest as usual!

It's almost like these guys say one thing, and then do another or something!

Jesus Fucking Christ! How fucked up is that fucking bullshit, anyway?

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