(Hopefully! Almost Definitely!)
Tune in via IBCRadio.com! And Help Spread the Word!
By Brad Friedman on 4/15/2005, 1:03pm PT  

If all goes well, The BRAD SHOW on The RAW RADIO Network (of RawStory.com fame!) may will be launching LIVE tomorrow evening (Saturday) from 7p - 11p ET (4p - 8p PT).

This has all come up quite suddenly, and it will take a miracle to get on the air...I'm in the process of trying to pull off a miracle.

Since the lead time for all of this was too impossibly short to even consider selling ad time on the show, now would be a swell time to Donate to The BRAD BLOG if you haven't done so recently in order to help pull off this little miracle.

I've said for a long time "Be the Media". Apparently, I wasn't kidding. With your help, we may very soon have a much louder megaphone!

Details here soon on how and where and if to listen!

UPDATE: Looks like The BRAD SHOW on RAW RADIO will indeed be premiering tonight (Saturday) from 4p - 8p PT (7p - 11p ET)! It's gonna be seat-of-our-pants LIVE radio...if we make it onto the air! But we're gonna go for it!

We'll figure out the affiliates when we learn more (we believe one of 'em is in Florida! Hi Tom!) but for now, tune in Saturday night at the above mentioned times via IBCRadio.com to listen LIVE! And we hope to be taking your calls to boot!

I'll explain how this all came about (a bit) during the show tomorrow as we pull off a miracle!

Scheduled guests for our premiere episode:

HOUR 1: Vote-Rigging Software Whistleblower, Clint Curtis!
HOUR 2: Vote Fraud Investigator, Andy Stephenson!
HOUR 3: RawStory.com Deputy Mng. Editor & Investigative Journalist, Larisa Alexandrovna!
HOUR 4: Tribute Syndicate Editor & Columnist, Robert Koehler!

Should be a killer show...if we can show up on the air! We'll pray the democracy gods will be on our side! PLEASE spread the word since this is all so late in coming! And the better the numbers, the more the network will want us back for a second helping!