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Listen Up!
By Brad Friedman on 4/16/2005, 12:46pm PT  

The sudden premiere of The BRAD SHOW On the Air via RAW RADIO is just hours away! (See the previous item for more details on what the hell that means if you don't already know!) At this late hour, we've still got some mountains to climb to get on air, but we're working on it! Keep your fingers crossed!

RAW STORY has some skinny, some donation links where you can support and direct links to the LIVE WEB STREAM. You can also support by making a donation to BRAD BLOG. We are, for the moment, listener supporter! I'll explain why on the air...

Quick show details:

The BRAD SHOW On the Air via RAW RADIO
on the IBC Satellite Radio Network!

Broadcast via satellite around the world!
Streaming via or
Direct Links to LIVE Stream via RAW STORY
7.330mhz Shortwave
Cellphones Mobile Broadcast Network via
Broadcast Affiliates include: WWPR 1490am Bradenton/Tampa, Florida (Hi Tom!)
LIVE: Saturday 7p - 11p ET
REPEAT: Sunday 12noon - 4pm ET
Show Call-in#: (to be posted soon!)

Scheduled guests for our premiere episode:

HOUR 1: Vote-Rigging Software Whistleblower, Clint Curtis!
HOUR 2: Vote Fraud Investigator, Andy Stephenson!
HOUR 3: Deputy Mng. Editor & Investigative Journalist, Larisa Alexandrovna!
HOUR 4: Tribute Syndicate Editor & Columnist, Robert Koehler!

Hopefully BRAD BLOG stalwart and friend, Winter Patriot, will be able to post an open thread here at each hour of the show where you can yack away about the show, how we're doing, and post questions if you can't get in via phone. I'll try to keep my eye on the discussion.

Stand could be bumpy (but hopefully fun!) ride!