LIVE from the Left Coast!
By Brad Friedman on 5/13/2005, 11:39am PT  

Made it back (finally!) to the Left Coast! Safe and sound! And it looks like we've found a studio for this weekend's show! So, barring any surprises between now and Saturday 7pm ET (4pm PT), we'll be up and on the air with another exciting LIVE episode of The BRAD SHOW via RAW RADIO!


  • HBO/NBC's JIM LAMPLEY on his Huffington Post firefight after blogging that Election 2004 was "the biggest crime in the history of the nation"!
  • Judicial Watch's CHRIS FARRELL on the Cheney Energy Task Force lawsuit!
  • Two OHIO RECOUNT WHISTLEBLOWERS from Clermont County!
  • Marine Sgt. RICHARD MEEHAN on tour of duty in Iraq where he lost three fingers in an unarmored humvee
  • BOB FERTIK of reporting in from the National Media Reform Conference in St. Louis!
  • As always, subject to change as events warrant...

    Please plan on tuning in LIVE Saturday Evening! And tell a few friends while you're at it! We need you all to spread the word high and low!