LIVE! Saturday Night 7p - 11p ET (4p - 8p PT)
By Brad Friedman on 5/20/2005, 4:15pm PT  

This week's BRAD SHOW via RAW RADIO is scheduled to feature...

  • Part 2 of our exclusive interview with HBO/NBC's JIM LAMPLEY on his statement that Election 2004 was "the biggest crime in the history of the nation"
  • Sr. Editor of Editor & Publisher, DAVE ASTOR on the state of the Mainstream Media.
  • Raw Story's LARISA ALEXANDROVNA on the judges at the center of the "nuclear option"
  • USMC 1st Lt. ANDREW BORENE on Friday's U.S. Army Recruitment "stand down".
  • Raw Story Mng. Editor, John Byrne's exclusive interview with SEN. DICK DURBIN (D-IL)!
  • And much more to come soon!...As always, subject to change as events warrant!

    Call-in # to be posted during tomorrow's show!
    Join us for the LIVE OPEN THREAD right here at The BRAD BLOG during the show!

    Thanks for helping us out here in the early days to get up and on the air!