Claims of 'Bi-Partisan' Election Boards Demonstrated as Disingenous while an OH Whistleblower is Punished...
And sanctions againsts the Ohio Election Challengers are thrown out by Supreme Court.
By Brad Friedman on 5/24/2005, 7:17pm PT  

Various obligations have made us slow on both the draw and analysis of this one, so we'll let the always excellent work of the Columbus Free Press' mighty Bob Fritakis speak for itself.

Suffice to say the infamous Hocking Country "Triad Whistleblower" is being fired for her patriotic efforts, Blackwell has taken a blow in his attempt to punish those who would challenge his Election Reign Supreme in the Buckeye State, and there is no such thing as "Bi-Partisan Boards of Election" in Ohio. Just another myth employeed by cheaters willing to shamefully disenfranchise American Citizens in order to hang desperately onto power.

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