Or, People Like Bernie Goldberg are Screwing Up America...
By Brad Friedman on 7/14/2005, 5:48pm PT  

If you missed The Daily Show last night, you missed a lot. This time, not because it was funny, but because Jon Stewart nailed the hard truth again as he did so brilliantly with the phonies at Crossfire last year.

This time, it was former CBS anchor cum raving wingnut opportunist Bernie Goldberg who fell dumber than a donut once confronted with an intelligent (non-Hannity-approved) challenge to the hateful premise of his hate-mongering book, "100 Americans Who are Screwing Up America (and Al Franken is #37)".

As you may have guessed by now, 97 of the 100 just happened to be identified with the left. No word from Goldberg on whether outing covert CIA agents or creating endless world wars for trumped up reasons screws up America in any way. We'll just suppose those things are great for America!

On the other hand, apparently Barbra Streisand and Michael Jackson are really a great concern of Goldberg's, and apparently America's.

As usual, Stewart --- who simply "gets it" --- cut straight to the heart of the matter after giving Goldberg ample time to make his completely hollow, morally bankrupt, intellectually dishonest, ethically challenged and apparently unsupported case...

JON STEWART: I guess my point is that there is a larger issue of --- most everybody in your book is powerless, and I think there is a much larger issue of people in power creating problems --- not Barbra Streisand, on her blog.

[then after the break, Goldberg got two segments to make his case]

STEWART: I guess my point is that so much focus is on culture and so little is on government and the real seats of power...

BERNARD GOLDBERG: And you don't think culture is an important force out there?

STEWART: Not nearly as much as government. I think that yes, "Friends" was a powerful program for many years --- but my guess is, what's going on in the Pentagon is slightly...But in Washington they actually do have power --- I think in washington, transparency is the real issue, and I wish more smart guys like you spent more time --- not worrying about Barbra Streisand --- but worrying about, you know, Richard Perle, Karl Rove, or whoever the Democrats would have had in that position in the Clinton years.

If only Stewart would spend less time telling the truth and more time lying this country into wars, he might just be eligible for the Medal of Freedom.

If you didn't catch this segment, it's a must-see. And Crooks and Liars has it, natch.