By Winter Patriot on 9/4/2005, 8:13am PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

The first few items on today's menu at The Whispering Campaign provide a quick sketch of the so-called leadership we are seeing from our Chimperial Highness and his retinue of Chimperial Spin-Meisters:

They built a fake food-distribution center to use as a backdrop for the Chimperial visit:
Food Distribution Was Staged For Photo Op by Laura Rozen
and they even pretended they were fixing the levee, so the image of the Chimperor could be framed against such a comforting background
Levee Repair Was Staged For Photo Op by U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu
but in fact, the actual relief effort was shut down while the Chimperor was in the area:
Bush Visit Halts Food Delivery For Photo Op by Michelle Krupa

This Chimpire surely must be in its final throes.

We must end this Chimperial madness!!

Chimpeach!! Chimpeach!! Chimpeach!!

Knowledge Is Power! Pass It On!!.