By David Edwards on 1/23/2006, 8:53am PT  

Guest blogged by David Edwards

This weekend PBS' The McLaughlin Group discussed the growing call for impeachment. There is a lot of talk but as long a Congress continues to defer power to the Executive Branch, public outrage will grow. The majority party in the House of Representative must be changed to realistically pursue impeachment.

Three Questions:

  1. Can negative perceptions of the Bush Admin. suppress the "Rove base" while motivating the anti-Bush crowds at the polls?

  2. Can this country conduct fair and untainted national elections?
  3. If the answer to #2 is "no" then does #1 really matter?

Brad noticed this clip first so he may have some comments to add...

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UPDATE: David Swanson of sends us these thoughts on the above video...

Millions of Americans deserve credit for forcing the I word into the media. Steve Thomma of Knight Ridder says in this clip that he receives 20-50 Emails a day supporting impeachment and that he thinks they're organized. He's right. They're organized here:

The clip that McClaughlin plays from the Murtha-Moran town hall forum doesn't show either of them saying a word. Rather it shows the hundreds of us who were packed in the room cheering for impeachment.

The quote McLaughlin reads from Al Gore is not from his speech, but from his response to a reporter's question afterwards on the topic of impeachment --- what people in the room were promotign with flyers and shouts.

Just as we forced the Downing Street Minutes into the news, we are forcing impeachment into the news. And Congress will follow. Please take a minute to contact the major media and to write a letter to the editor of your local paper. It could save this country. Here are some tips:

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