By John Gideon on 5/13/2006, 5:15pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Included in today's news is an excellent investigative article from Texas in regard to small communities and the cost of elections. Remember that in most, if not all, states the small communities, school districts, park districts, etc. have to pay for elections that they need to elect local officials or float bonds or levies. The cost of doing that is skyrocketing because of the steep rise in the cost of voting machines. In order to handle their inability to provide voting machines to meet their contracts, ES&S has changed, without permission, the contract for Tennessee and included words to allow them to send used machines to a dozen Tennessee counties for the primary. Big surprise to those counties and the state. And, due to problems with the counties ES&S op-scan machine, Harrison County Indiana must now manually recount the ballots from 15 precincts....

  • FL: Train Wreck - New voting machines lack state certification LINK
  • IN: Harrison County � Train Wreck - County to manually count votes from 15 of 35 precincts LINK
  • IN: Harrison County � Train Wreck - Harrison to recount primary votes LINK
  • IN: Harrison County � Train Wreck - ES&S MELTDOWN: Indiana County to Hand Count Ballots from May 2 Primary After ES&S Machines Discovered to Have 'Malfunctioned' LINK
  • TN: Train Wreck - Used voting machines lack approval by state (ES&S) LINK
  • TN: Train Wreck - One vendor can't meet deadline (That one vendor must be ES&S) LINK
  • TN: Train Wreck - ES&S MELTDOWN: Company Secretly Changes Contract with Tennesee Counties, Sends USED Machines for Upcoming Primary Election LINK
  • WV: Kanawha County � Train Wreck - Kanawha vote tallies completed (ES&S) LINK
  • CA: U.S. Orders State to Repay $536,000 in Election Funds LINK
  • IN: Franklin County - Co. race will be recounted LINK
  • KY: Counties adjusting to voting machine mandate for election LINK
  • MT: Technology lets disabled voters cast ballots on own (AutoMark) LINK
  • OH: Court Slows EFF Efforts to Address Ohio E-voting Malfunctions. Decision Delays Inquiry Into State's History of Voting Machine Problems LINK
  • PA: Montgomery County - New machines equipped for blind voters (Sequoia) LINK
  • PA: Northampton County - County's new voting machines pass tests (AVS WINvote) LINK
  • TX: I-Team: Small communities can't afford required voting technology LINK
  • WV: Editorial - Provide Better Election Training LINK
  • WV: Marion County - Primary election 'went very well' (ES&S) LINK
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