By John Gideon on 5/17/2006, 5:06pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

From Arkansas today we learn that ES&S is selling vvpat thermal paper rolls for $8.50 per roll and each roll will handle around 100 voters. A quick search of paper suppliers shows that the same paper can be purchased retail for $50 to $60 for a case of 50 rolls. ES&S wants to milk and bilk every single penny they can from their customers. A large majority of the news from Pennsylvania was in praise of the myriad of new voting machines being used throughout the state. I'm not sure if this is because everything worked well or because the media has not been given all of the facts. Let's hope it is the former and not the later. There were few voting machine problems reported from Kentucky today. However, some local election officials seem to have found a new way to scam the machines as they tell voters not to finalize their votes. Voters walked away from the machines and poll workers then may have gone in and changed the votes....

  • NAtional: Diebold - Latest Security Vulnerability in Paperless Electronic Voting
    Underscores Urgent Need for Paper Trail; Auditing LINK
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