By John Gideon on 5/25/2006, 5:22pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Mississippi officially joins the "Train Wreck" today as SoS Clark explains why their Diebold TSx machines are secure; "[It's]�.not a concern in Mississippi, where the machines leave a paper trail. "If there is ever a question, then there is a piece of paper to go back to. That is lock down security about the accuracy of the machine," Clark says." Note that Mississippi has no audit requirement. ES&S has admitted to their failures in Arkansas by replacing their state management team. West Virginia's SoS has sent a questionnaire out to all of the state's counties to determine the monetary losses incurred by those counties, and other problems, due to failures by ES&S. MSNBC released a story on voting machines but, unfortunately, they only spoke to NASS, Doug Lewis, and Electionline so they got none of the facts of why the system was failing and not one word about the Diebold security vulnerabilities. Allegheny County Pennsylvania just found hundreds of ballots that had never been counted before. They were counted yesterday over a week after the primary election...

ADDITIONAL INFO FROM BRAD: See our recent video exclusive of Mississippi Sec. of State Clark in 2005 --- prior to most of the latest Diebold disasters --- announcing during a public meeting with a Diebold rep concerning their hackable touch-screen systems:

"I think it was already secure without the voter-verifiable paper trail. But I think it is so secure now, it is the most secure thing outside of a Wells-Fargo truck!"

That video is here, and amusing if you've yet to see it. (Now back to your previously scheduled 'Daily Voting News'...)

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