By John Gideon on 8/17/2006, 5:01pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

The big news today is still the ESI report on Cuyahoga Co. Ohio. Diebold claims the only flaws are in ESIs report. Democrats are asking for a complete investigation. Even the Republican candidate for SoS is asking for a complete inventory of Blackwell's office. / A press conference was held in Arizona yesterday with Congressmen Holt and Grijalva discussing future legislation on voting rights and vote administration / There may be a recount in the Nevada Republican 2nd Congressional District primary. It will be interesting to see how this turns out especially because the winning candidate is the SoS so the recount would be against him. ...

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  • NAtional: Top vote counter becomes prize job LINK
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  • AZ: Grijalva eyes national use of Ariz. rules on e-voting LINK
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  • FL: Lee County - Poll workers needed for Sept. primary. Summer travel makes finding applicants hard LINK
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  • NV: No concession in squeaker Nevada U.S. House race LINK
  • NV: Angle might seek vote recount LINK
  • NV: Douglas County - Close congressional race could lead to recount LINK
  • NY: Limited places for handicapped to vote. Southern Tier counties will each have one special polling spot. LINK
  • OH: Cuyahoga County - Democrats seek probe of e-voting. Diebold disputes study of Cuyahoga machines LINK
  • OH: Cuyahoga County - Diebold: Elections report conclusions simply wrong' LINK
  • OH: Cuyahoga County - Can we trust the voting results? Diebold defends touch-screen machines, but a study fans debate over their reliability LINK
  • OH: Cuyahoga County - Officials: Fair election in Cleveland area a must LINK
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  • PA: Voting machine debate. Plaintiffs say 'paperless' elections just won't do LINK
  • PA: Centre County - Suit seeks to decertify voting machines LINK
  • PA: Delaware County - Suit filed to stop use of new voting machines (Danaher 1242) LINK
  • PA: Lancaster County - More electronic voting machines for county? Election board considers purchase of 114 more eSlate machines. LINK
  • WA: Thurston County - Voter guides clarify election confusion. Pick-a-party means three ballots arrive in the mail LINK
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