... because, of course, it's not who votes that counts: it's who counts the votes ...
Report mentions Ken Blackwell, Katherine Harris and their obvious conflicts of interest --- Will anyone notice? We hope so!!
By Winter Patriot on 8/17/2006, 11:29pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

Jill Lawrence, writing in USA TODAY, looks at some hotly-contested races for positions that were once largely ignored: Top vote counter becomes prize job...

The political battle for control of the federal government has opened up a new front: the obscure but vital state offices that determine who votes and how those votes are counted.

The state post of Secretary of State was a backwater until 2000, when Florida's Katherine Harris became a central figure in the presidential recount controversy. Now national Democratic groups and White House prospects, unhappy about Harris' decisions and those of Republican Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio two years ago, are pouring resources into contests for the job.
Secretaries of State control most voting regulations and influence state purchases of voting machines. Looking ahead to 2008, Democrats say they want people they trust in those offices.

The report mentions a few facts that are painfully familiar to regular BRAD BLOG readers, but which might not be so well-known elsewhere:

While serving as Secretaries of State, Harris and Blackwell were also top officials in George W. Bush's campaigns. Democrats alleged that their rulings on matters from recounts to the weight of registration forms thwarted voters and helped put Bush in the White House.

Harris and Blackwell say they were following state laws and regulations and did not suppress votes.

Right. Of course they do.

They'll say anything. But will you believe them?

The report contains several other very interesting details, but I won't spill all the beans here. Please read the whole thing.