By John Gideon on 10/8/2006, 5:17pm PT  

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Even R. Doug Lewis, executive director of the Election Center, an association of election officials realizes the November election is going to be a problem. "We've made some valiant attempts ... (but) there are going to be some problems. Things could be just a little bit ugly this time." Meanwhile the EAC still has their heads buried deep in the sand. Paul DeGregorio, chairman of the federal Election Assistance Commission, said he doesn't believe "it's necessarily going to be chaos out there. We will see mistakes made just as we've seen in other elections, but because of close contests ... these problems will be magnified. People will wonder about all those reforms since 2000." DeGregorio is still preparing to blame all problems on election workers and the voters. / A lack of enough poll workers seems to be one of the big problems for this coming election. Everyone should be encouraged to volunteer for the day....

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