By John Gideon on 10/15/2006, 4:36pm PT  

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You have probably noticed that as we get closer to the general election the amount of voting related news is growing. I expect that very soon the amount of news will force me to make a modification to the way 'Daily Voting News' is sent out. I could cut the news in half and send some in the late morning and the rest in the evening. Rather than send it out twice a day I will send out a condensed version to the email subscribers. That version will have what I consider to be the top 15 or so stories. The complete 'DVN' will be posted at the normal locations; VoteTrustUSA, The BradBlog, OpEdNews, and ScoopNZ. VotersUnite will also be posting the complete list of articles and we have removed the dust bunnies from our "Voting News" database and many of the articles and the complete DVN can be found there. You will be notified when the change needs to be made. Thank you for reading and taking part in democracy....

  • NAtional: Vendor Applies For Certification With Open Voting Consortium LINK
  • AZ: Arizona asks U.S. high court to continue voter ID rule LINK
  • CA: Electronic Voting Machines Factor in Race Between McPherson, Bowen LINK
  • CA: San Bernardino County pushing early voting. Officials hope move will get more people to cast ballots LINK
  • CO: Early votes blunt Oct. "surprises" LINK
  • FL: Editorial - Where's the paper trail? LINK
  • FL: Alachua County - Election hiccups prompt hearing LINK
  • FL: Sarasota County - Some Sarasota residents fight for paper trails on voting machines LINK
  • IL: DuPage County - Fidlar Fired? DuPage Watchdog Group Says "No" LINK
  • MD: Diebold E-Poll Book Modifications Come Into Question LINK
  • MD: Editorial - Party Games. Democrats and Republicans need to stop playing with voter fears. LINK
  • MS: Hinds County - Editorial - Judge makes voting much more difficult LINK
  • NJ: Department of Justice Reaches Agreement With New Jersey Over Voter Database LINK
  • NM: NM balloting system call attention to lingering issue of election reform LINK
  • NY: Opinion - Optical scan machines are preferable to expensive touch-screen systems LINK
  • NY: Ulster County - County lawmakers may have no say over new voting machines LINK
  • PA: Montgomery County - 'Fleeing voters' might be no voters. State says incomplete ballots shouldn't count; Montco says otherwise. LINK
  • TN: Vote early to enjoy shorter ballot, lines LINK
  • TX: Editorial - Critical vote. People should take advantage of chance to shape our future LINK
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