By John Gideon on 11/10/2006, 4:58pm PT  

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A large majority of today's news comes from Sarasota Co., Florida where the voters won a referendum vote to require the county to provide a voting system that has paper and is verifiable. Unfortunately the voters spoke at the same time the machines decided not to count over 18,000 votes in a congressional race. / Polls were kept open late in Kane Co, Illinois, by court order, but now the state Supreme's are deciding if that judge overstepped in his court order. Many voters may now be disenfranchised. / Undervote rate for Florida attorney general in Sumter county was 22%; Lee was 18%; Charlotte was 21%. / In Benton Co. Arkansas a problem was found with the vote totals. They re-ran the ballots and the final results of 8 races changed. Another great election for ES&S...

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