By John Gideon on 11/21/2006, 5:47pm PT  

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Elections officials, including the EAC, wring their hands in worry over "Voter Confidence." Voter confidence won't come about because we cover up or minimize the fact that there are failures all over; that people are having to stand in lines so long that some give up and go home. Voter confidence will not come about as long as voters see their votes 'flipping' on the screen before their very eyes. Voter confidence will not come about as long as voters know there were problems with the machines they voted on but election officials tell them it's alright, "no votes were lost." Voter confidence WILL grow when the problems are fixed and when all voters can go to the polls and have a good experience. Making a pretty picture out of a disaster helps no one except a few elections officials who want the truth hidden and the vendors. ...

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