By John Gideon on 12/16/2006, 3:51pm PT  

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NOTE: Our apologies for the lack of a DVN yesterday. We were one of the million, or so, households in the Pac.Nor.West who lost power during the big Thursday night storm. QUOTE: “The e-voting machines are a threat to democracy. Putting a VVPAT on them is nothing more than a band-aid. It’s like requiring a seat belt in a Ford Pinto. What good does it do when the Pinto explodes?” Brad Friedman...

  • NAtional: Gambling On Votes? Experts Say You Do LINK
  • AL: Madison County - Seibert asks state to check 'lost' votes LINK
  • CA: Nevada County - Committee formed to choose voting machines LINK
  • CO: Montrose County - Violation of election laws? LINK
  • FL: Secretary of state pick could bring voting paper trail LINK
  • FL: Paper vote trail IS coming LINK
  • FL: Duval County - ELECTIONS: Follow the paper trail LINK
  • FL: Sarasota County - Tuesday Hearing on Critical E-Voting Evidence in Flawed Florida Election
    Search for Thousands of Missing Votes in Sarasota County Congressional Race LINK
  • FL: Sarasota County - District 13 race to go back to court LINK
  • GA: Voting machines may need work
    New machines used in three counties had some problems, but were accurate LINK
  • IN: Delaware County - Recorder's recount going back to court LINK
  • KY: Scott County - eSlate eases vote count LINK
  • MA: Ballot shortage leads to shakeup in Boston
    State takes over elections division after some voters wait hours in line LINK
  • NC: Buncombe County - $2.5M worth voting machines may head to dump LINK
  • NC: Guilford County - Printers failed on voting machines LINK
  • NY: Voting machine delays loom LINK
  • NY: New York State’s Voting Machine Certification Process LINK
  • PA: Judge orders hand recount of ballots in crucial House race LINK
  • SC: Opinion - S.C.’s flawed voting machines LINK
  • TX: Williamson County - Expect some changes in the next election
    Acting official will recommend more staffing, training, technical support. LINK
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