By John Gideon on 11/8/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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Sequoia has now been sold, yet again. This time the new owners are the present management team. Who is really behind the purchase and what was the final purchase price? Smartmatic paid $16M for the company which represented a $7M loss for its previous owner. Also, now that the Venezuelans are not involved who is going to do all of the ballot programming?

Is Cuyahoga Co Ohio too big for Diebold/Premier? That’s a question being asked by the media and probably some members of the county Board of Elections.

Poll workers failed to remove the results cartridges from seven Sequoia Advantage machines in Camden Co New Jersey. If the votes on those cartridges won’t affect any races the votes won’t be considered in the final tally, according to state law. Election officials wonder why voter turn-out is so low. That’s one reason.

Counting of ballots in Lackawanna Co Pennsylvania was much slower than expected either with or because of Premier/Diebold employees running the optical-scan machines. Was the hold-up a ploy to make optical-scan systems look bad and to sell the county DREs?

Lawrence Co Ohio reports that votes have been flipped due to a software error by ES&S.

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