In case you haven't noticed.
By Brad Friedman on 9/13/2004, 1:30pm PT  

Along with a report that 110 had been killed in Iraq yesterday (WaPo puts the number as "at least 80 civilians killed") including a Palestinian Journalist killed by US Forces from an Apache helicopter as the camera was rolling (video here), and at least five major cities now completely controlled by "insurgents", things seem to be disintegrating there quickly.

Fortunately the Bush Corporation has an excellent PR department, so anything that gets through the PR filter to you and me between now and November 2nd can be assumed to be much worse than it's reported. But, for those of us trying to pay attention to the black hole where we're pumping so much blood and treasure, there are many hints lately of what's really going on there (never mind Afghanistan which is similarly falling apart...not that it was ever "together" before we pulled out and moved to Iraq).

Here's just a few of the items from yesterday in Iraq, courtesy of "Today in Iraq":

Bring ‘em on: US troops in heavy fighting near Ramadi; ten Iraqis killed, 40 wounded.
Bring ‘em on: Thirty-seven Iraqis killed in Baghdad fighting.
Bring ‘em on: Three Polish soldiers killed, three wounded in ambush near Hilla.
Bring ‘em on: US troops launch offensive near Tal Afar.
Bring ‘em on: Four Iraqi policemen killed, three wounded in ambush near Mosul.
Bring ‘em on: Two Iraqi security guards wounded in attack on oil facility near Kirkuk.
Bring ‘em on: Five Iraqis killed by car bomb targeting US convoy near Samarra.
Bring ‘em on: Fifteen Iraqis killed in heavy fighting with US troops near Fallujah.
Bring ‘em on: Three Iraqi soldiers killed in roadside bomb ambush near Hilla.
Bring ‘em on: US patrol attacked by roadside bomb near As-Sina.
Bring ‘em on: Camp Zulu under mortar fire.
Bring ‘em on: CJTF-7 reports US troops repelled coordinated attack on Abu Ghraib prison.

Pay attention. This is still a hot war with injuries, deaths and attacks on US troops as high now as they've ever>/i> been! Bush/Cheney would very much like Americans to look elsewhere between now and November. Don't be fooled...again.