By John Gideon on 1/5/2008, 5:30pm PT  

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Ohio counties have begun to fight back against SOS Brunner’s dictate that all DRE counties must provide a paper ballot for anyone who wants one. Counties are wringing their hands over how much longer it will take them to count the ballots --- a threat heard often from California counties. Of course they dismiss the fact that an accurate count of ballots that people can be confident in is much more important than having final results within a couple hours of the polls closing. Let the media wait for the results but count the votes accurately. County officials have also begun to show some concern about the added cost of having ballots printed. This is a valid concern, but would the counties really rather have voters standing in long lines in order to vote on a machine that flips their vote from one candidate to another or let those who want, vote on a paper ballot? They need to spend the extra money and do the right thing.

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