By John Gideon on 1/6/2008, 8:00pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

Today’s news includes a lot of articles, opinion pieces, and editorials about the upcoming (January 09) Supreme Court hearing regarding Indiana’s restrictive Voter ID law. This case could decide whether you and I will be required to get a voter ID in the future.

A Civil Grand Jury in Monterey Co California actually interviewed four county election officials and toured the election office and then they found that the county should just go ahead and use their Sequoia Advantage voting machines because they are secure. They did not interview any computer scientists, members of the Election Integrity community, or members of the Secretary of State staff. Whether this Grand Jury has the ability to tell the county to ignore state directives is an unanswered question but we will keep an eye on this....

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