By John Gideon on 1/7/2008, 5:00pm PT  

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Today is another busy day with news. The “Supremes” are about to hear the Voter-ID case and The New Yorker actually printed an article on the lack of voter fraud

There is also a new report put out by Common Cause that addresses Vote-By-Mail.

Also be sure to read the “The Kudzu Effect: The Voting-Industrial Complex Chokes Our Democracy” from Cleveland Free Press. It gives a lot of background about how we got where we are now and who is behind it.

And I have to mention that there is an editorial for a state that I think I may have mentioned only once or twice before in the four-year history of “Daily Voting News”; Oklahoma and any previous mention was not due to problems with their machines. You see, in 1992 Oklahoma bought ES&S Optech III-P Eagle optical-scan machines then immediately kicked ES&S out of the state. Since then Oklahoma has done all ballot printing, software updates, ballot definitions, and maintenance themselves. They don’t have problems.

All of those stories, and many many more today, linked below...

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