By John Gideon on 1/9/2008, 8:00pm PT  

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Yesterday while voters in New Hampshire were going to the polls a large group of activists filled the Board of Supervisors conference room in Pima County Arizona. A judge recently decided that the county should release the database from the 2006 primary and general election. The supervisors began by voting not to appeal the court’s decision. Then a raucous crowd of more than 60 people demanded to be heard. John Brakey was gaveled down and threatened with expulsion. The board decided to hear from the citizens and after hearing from about 20 the board turned totally and unanimously agreed to release the 2006 primary and general election data tapes, PLUS the RTA data that was the original reason for the court case. Great job by the folks in Pima County and by our friend John Brakey.

The Cuyahoga Co. Ohio Board of Elections is discussing the possibility of seeking a refund from Premier/Diebold for the DRE voting system that has been failing miserably for the past two years. As much as that system has been a disaster Premier should just refund the total purchase price of $21M and consider themselves lucky.

For the past two years counties in Arkansas have had huge problems with ballot programming supplied by ES&S. Many of those counties have decided to leave the vendor out of the process and they are doing it themselves. Any progress toward getting the vendors out of voting administration is good progress.

Just minutes ago it was reported that the county clerk in Hancock Co Illinois is requesting the DoJ to investigate the deceptive practices of ES&S....

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