By John Gideon on 1/11/2008, 8:00pm PT  

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New Hampshire will now conduct a full recount of all ballots cast in the primary. This, after formal requests were made by Dennis Kucinich and Republican candidate Albert Howard.

Solano Co California Supervisor Barbara Kondylis has requested that the rest of the Board of Supervisors discuss the fact that in last November’s election in the county 1,321 more votes were counted on their ES&S voting machines than voters who voted. The Chair and immediate past-vice Chair, who set the board's meeting agenda, have refused to allow the Supervisor’s concerns to be heard. She has now sent an open letter to the citizens of the county in hopes they will pressure the Chairman to put this issue on the board's next meeting agenda.

According to reports from Colorado, the state legislature has “A bill to be introduced today would offer greater latitude in recertifying machines deemed subpar.” So, the machines are deemed to be “subpar” when being certified by present standards. In an upside-down world, it only makes sense to lower the standards to accept those “subpar” systems. Simply unbelievable. The Secretary of State and all complicit state legislators need to be recalled and replaced with people who will protect the voters of the state....

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