By John Gideon on 1/19/2008, 8:00pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

Voters went to the polls in Horry Co South Carolina this morning in hopes of casting their vote in that state’s Republican primary. Unfortunately testing of the voting machines had not been completed by the county and ES&S so poll workers were not able to start the machines. Over 80% of the machines used in the county sat dark until technicians could be sent out to get them cleared and ready for the voters. While county election officials were telling the media that no voters had been turned away, voters were telling the media the truth. Voters were sent away without voting.

Ohio SoS Jennifer Brunner has moved back a bit from her plans for November. Gone are her demands for vote centers and gone is her mandate for only central count. Now she will allow counties to use precinct based optical scan to unofficially count the ballots at the precinct level so they can compare those numbers to the official centrally counted tally. There is still no mention of accessible voting for voters with disabilities or federally mandated over vote protection. ...

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