Lying in Lockstep
By Brad Friedman on 9/15/2004, 7:11pm PT  

See the previous story here, and then take a look at what Scott McClellan, White House Spokesman said today, once again as reported by John Aravosis who also broke the original story:

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, let me address a couple of things. We've overcome many challenges in this country over the last three years. A number of them go back to what occurred on September 11th. When it comes to the economy, let's look at the strains that were placed on our economy. We were in an economic downturn and the President inherited a recession when he came into office. Then you had the September 11th attacks. In the aftermath of September 11th, in the three months after September 11th, we lost a million jobs right there." - White House Daily Briefing, September 15, 2004

Look, these guys in even lie in lockstep. If the Dems could tell the truth as clearly, much less as much in lockstep, perhaps they'd be getting somewhere! Never mind the question of why the blogosphere is reporting this stuff instead of the actual Media.

UPDATE: 10:25p PT I'm a dolt. I just re-read the quoted text above, and realized I missed McClellan's other lie in the very same breath! The part about "the President inherited a recession when he came into office." Which, as informed individuals know, is pure crap.