By Brad Friedman on 9/19/2004, 12:21pm PT  

While it may have been another quiet week in Lake Wobegon, it was anything but quiet in Iraq. According to "Iraq Coalition Casualty Count" --- a website that posts publically released Pentagon data on Iraq casualties, but is blocked by the Pentagon in Iraq so that troops there cannot have access to it --- there have been 1,032 US Troops killed so far.

And here's what you probably haven't heard all that much about over the last two days there. Once again from "Today in Iraq" (another site blocked from troops in Iraq by the Pentagon):

War News for September 17 and 18, 2004
Bring em on: One US Marine killed in fighting in al-Anbar province.
Bring em on: Thirteen Iraqis killed, 50 wounded by car bomb in Baghdad.
Bring em on: Twenty-three Iraqis killed by car bomb at Iraqi army headquarters in Kirkuk.
Bring em on: Three Iraqis killed, three wounded in US air strike in Fallujah.
Bring em on: Iraqi working for British troops in Basra assassinated.
Bring em on: Kidnapped governor of al-Anbar province executed by insurgents.
Bring em on: Nine Iraqis killed by mortar fire in Baquba.
Bring em on: Iraqi oil official survives assassination attempt near Mosul; four bodyguards killed.
Bring em on: Two American, one British contractor kidnapped by insurgents in Baghdad.
Bring em on: Insurgents execute three Iraqi truck drivers transporting US supplies.
Bring em on: British troops raid al-Sadr's offices in Basra.
Bring em on: One Iraqi killed, two wounded by roadside bomb in Baghdad.