By John Gideon on 3/5/2008, 8:00pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

There have been no media reports of any huge meltdowns in yesterday’s primaries. The reports may still come but so far all of the reports have been of minor problems. The one major issue is that after all of the previous primaries and caucuses it seems as if the four states that held primaries yesterday were all surprised that turnout was going to be high. How can any jurisdiction be caught without enough paper ballots? How can voters be sent home without voting because there was not enough paper to go around? Listen up Mississippi and Pennsylvania…turnout is going to be high. Prepare for it.

One of the issues we heard from the Ohio media is the reports that very few voters asked to use paper ballots even though they were there to be used. Instead they chose to use the touch-screen machines. Of course, the reports don’t mention if the voters were offered paper ballots as a choice or if the ballots were kept hidden unless a voter specifically asked for one. The reports come from county election officials who were not happy about having to provide paper ballots so any news may be slanted.

Meanwhile legislation is moving in Colorado that will force counties to use paper ballots in November. Iowa is another step closer to paper ballots and away from touch-screen voting. Franklin Co Ohio has announced that they are seriously considering scrapping their touch-screens for optical-scan and paper ballots....

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