By John Gideon on 3/10/2008, 8:00pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

Tomorrow is Mississippi voters' opportunity to cast their primary votes. Most of the counties use Diebold/Premier TSx machines with a vvpat. One county recently decided to remove the vvpat printers because they caused too many problems on election day. Another good reason to scrap DREs, even when they have vvpat printers.

There has been a lot of discussion about Florida’s primary. Is it going to happen or not? One thing I have seen in the Florida papers that seems to have been missed by the national press is that all of the Florida counties that used to use DREs no longer have those machines, or are getting rid of them as we speak. They are bringing in optical scan but they have all said it would be nearly impossible for them to conduct a primary election in June. ...

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