By John Gideon on 7/3/2008, 4:21pm PT  

VotersUnite wants to wish every one a safe and sane holiday. Take a little time and read our Declaration of Independence. It is awe inspiring.

In today’s featured article one Palm Beach Co Florida commissioner wants to see about contracting with Sequoia to provide review and assistance in the voting-counting process. Is this where we are at now? Sequoia added some security software to the system and the county workers were not trained on that software change so they failed to count 700 votes. Now the county wants to pay Sequoia to have a more active part in counting votes. Rather than fixing the problems and hiring people who understand the system counties appear ready to out-source our elections. The problem is with the vendors. When we get them out of the process we will be much better off. And, the county plans on disabling the security feature that was installed. Amazing....

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