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By John Gideon on 7/21/2008, 4:19pm PT  

“I’m concerned about the weak spots,” said Rosemary E. Rodriguez, the chairwoman of the United States Election Assistance Commission, which oversees voting. “So much depends on whether there will be enough poll workers, whether they are trained enough and whether their state and county election directors give them contingency plans and resources to handle the unexpected.” That is, in our opinion, an understatement. Today’s featured article goes on to tell a bit more of the story. Eleven states will use new voting systems this year, as compared to 2004, moving from DREs to paper based systems. One more item can be added to what are most certainly concerns of the EAC and that is discussed in our second featured article. The Brennan Center has produced another excellent paper. This time it is about ballot design; the issue that gave us the infamous “butterfly ballot” and the recent “Double Bubble Trouble” from Los Angeles Co. By all reports voter registration is way up this year. Turnout will be huge and problems are going to be rampant unless election officials are prepared and they have plenty of volunteers....

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