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By John Gideon on 9/5/2008, 4:43pm PT  

Palm Beach Co had first responders joining with election officials and other volunteers out searching polling places looking for 2,500 lost ballots. Meanwhile the state has certified the state-wide primary election except the one judicial race that has been at the center of the incredible problems in the county. One question must be answered; if there are 2500 ballots missing and that one race is still in question then what about every other race on the Palm Beach ballots that is within 2,500 votes? They should all be in question and any candidate in any of those races who does not file a complaint is not giving their supporters their due.

In a surprise report we have learned that Holly Lowder, the Colorado State Elections Director has resigned. No reason has been given for that action and no one is talking but we are hearing the story will be told tomorrow.

Yesterday in this space I pointed out, incorrectly, that in the audit in Broward Co seven precincts disagreed by as much as 95 percent. What I should have said is “The results in seven precincts resembled original results by 95 percent or more”....

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