DRUDGE gets it wrong again.
By Brad Friedman on 11/1/2004, 10:28pm PT  

Wondering what happened to that bogus little Schwarzkopf story that headlined Drudge all day today? The one claiming that the DNC was sending out faked auto-phonecalls to voters in swing states supposedly from the General endorsing Kerry? That story that all the wingnuts were going on and on about all day?

Turns out it wasn't the DNC who created the fake. Surprised? I didn't think so. Atrios has all the goods.

And no, Drudge's incorrect story does not appear in his archives. When he gets it wrong --- as he frequently does --- the evidence disappears along with the truth.

UPDATE: Something odd going on with Atrios' links. If the one above doesn't work, go to Atrios' main page and scroll down to the "Funny Monkeys" story that I was trying to link to originally here.

UPDATE: Another Drudge story, appearing today and still there, about problems with E-machines in Philly, is also wrong. Beware the Rightwing Blogs/Websites/Radio Shows today! They are inventing the case they intend to make tonight in the event that it's close. Which it won't be.