Completely Blowing the VoterGate Story
By Brad Friedman on 11/23/2004, 2:51pm PT  

Maureen Farrell does a masterful job, in a new BuzzFlash piece today, of rounding up the national disgrace that is the current Mainstream Media coverage of VoterGate 2004. The piece is called "Election Angst Update: Clark Kent Vs the Media Wimps". The whole story is worth a read, particularly if you're new to what's been going on or are still in denial about the import of this story and how the MSM has so far completely missed it with the exception of one guy at MSNBC.

Here's just one of her many money quotes:

There is no doubt, of course, that had the e-vote been on the other foot, FOX News and Drudge would be discussing voter irregularities 'round the clock. And if Kerry's brother were Florida's governor and had a track record of disenfranchising Republicans, Rush Limbaugh would be throwing tantrum after tantrum. What do you suppose would have happened had the head of a voting machine company promised to deliver Ohio's electoral votes to John Kerry? Close your eyes and imagine.

Still have questions? Go read the whole story.