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...  wrong. Any takers? / Recently EAC Commissioner Donnetta Davidson spoke before the "Florida State Association of Supervisor of ...  Witnesses to that speech have reported that Ms. Davidson expressed concern that Democrats won control of the Senate in the ...  audit trail and audits would never come to the floor. Ms. Davidson's statements seem to be neither independent nor bipartisan and show a ...

...  Blogged by John Gideon of "Donetta Davidson, a member of the Election Assistance Commission, said only a few dozen ...  on electronic vote machines] It's apparent that Ms. Davidson has ignored the results of this past election. It's time she opened ...

...  the electronic voting equipment they need. The chairman of Davidson County Election Commission says they ordered 619 machines from ES&S, ...  early voting in coming weeks. EDDIE BRYAN, CHAIRMAN, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE, ELECTION COMMISSION: In the first, we were going to ...

AP Has New Details on the Apparently RNC-Funded Registration Fraud in Tennessee, Now Linked to Sproul & Associates
Fraudulent, Shredded Voter Registrations In 2004 Linked To Same Shadowy RNC Operative, Recipient of Largesse...

...  Consultants is responsible for 12 registration forms in Davidson and Williamson counties that included the names, addresses and phone ...

Man Appointed by SoS to Certify Voting Machines for State Has No Computer Science College Education, Failed to Test Machines for Hackability or Much Else
Colorado Democratic Party Calls on Voters to Vote by Absentee Ballot, Citizens Group Calls for Investigation of SoS

...  Republican. She took over in the role after Donneta Davidson was appointed to the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission (EAC), as ...

...  Waiting For "The Perfect Storm" On Primary Day LINK TN: Davidson County - Longest ballot in state history awaits voters (13 screens) ...

...  "We're looking at every aspect of elections," said Donetta Davidson, a member of the Election Assistance Commission. "We haven't found any ...

LA County's System, for example, Was Apparently Approved for Use at the Fed Level by a Former Waitress/Bartender!

...  said nothing about it. In fact EAC Commissioners Donetta Davidson and Paul DeGregorio and EAC Secretariat Brian Hancock sat on the same ...

...  ballots from Mammoth likely not counted (ES&S) LINK TN: Davidson County � Train Wreck - New Voting Machines Haven't Arrived. ES&S ...

Diebold Disasters Leading to Self-Destruction As ES&S Continues to Meltdown and Miss One Contractual Obligation After Another?

...  happy with the situation. "Eddie Bryan, chairman of the Davidson County Election Commission, said he doesn't know why ES&S bid on ...

...  language to a Tennessee Voting Equipment order form. Davidson, Williamson and Wilson are among the counties waiting for their ES&S machines. ... Eddie Bryan, chairman of the Davidson County Election Commission, said he doesn't know why ES&S bid on ...

State Stacks Panels, Invitees With E-Voting Proponents!
RAW STORY Report Confirms, Adds Many Details to Information Previously Reported by BRAD BLOG

RAW STORY's Miriam Raftery opens up on the scam apparently being perpetuated by California Sec. of State Bruce McPherson in what appears to be a last-minute effort to quickly re-certify Diebold's TSx touch-screen voting machines in California as the Jan 1, ...

Total Pages (5):
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