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...  EAC still has their heads buried deep in the sand. Paul DeGregorio, chairman of the federal Election Assistance Commission, said he ...  People will wonder about all those reforms since 2000." DeGregorio is still preparing to blame all problems on election workers and the ...

...  Hunter to take the seat being emptied by time-limited Paul DeGregorio. Ms Hunter's only elections experience was as one of the Bush-Cheney ...

...  House has named a new EAC Commissioner to replace Paul DeGregorio. The new nominee clearly has no qualifications for the job and her ...

...  New voting machines reliable, official says (Paul DeGregorio) LINK NAtional: Voting shouldn't require a heroic act of patience ...

REP. JERROLD NADLER (D), NEW YORK: 'Do we care less about our voting machines than our ATM machines?'

...  York Congressman Jerrold Nadler, and EAC Commissioner Paul DeGregorio. DeGregorio had this to say about the reliability standards: We believe that ...

LA County's System, for example, Was Apparently Approved for Use at the Fed Level by a Former Waitress/Bartender!

...  it. In fact EAC Commissioners Donetta Davidson and Paul DeGregorio and EAC Secretariat Brian Hancock sat on the same panel as Steinbach ...

Wire Service Mentions GAO Report --- and it only took 'em SIX WEEKS!! (Sure, they only give it one sentence, but we'll take it!)
Has the Associated Press Finally Woken Up?

...  Election Assistance Commission Vice Chairman Paul DeGregorio called the Jan. 1 date "a firm deadline." "States have ...  to get involved, to look at this issue." DeGregorio added that DOJ could file a lawsuit or use a consent decree to get ...

Total Pages (3):
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