2,000 Word Article on Voter Irregularities Fails to Add Anything New.
But succeeds in telling readers there's nothing worth noting here.
By Brad Friedman on 12/2/2004, 3:28pm PT  

Despite a graphic that would appear to represent many troubling concerns, The Boston Globe yesterday in a 2,000 word report succeeded in adding virtually nothing to the story of Voting Irregularities in Election 2004.

Brian C. Mooney's story which looked an awful lot like "reporting" at first blush, was, in actuality, just "repeating" of everything that most of us following this story already know. In fact, I don't believe they added anything to the story which hasn't already been reported here over the last four weeks.

They did, however, make certain to follow the previous lead of their corporate-owners, The New York Times in assuring readers that --- though there have been thousands and thousands of reported incidents, and tens of thousands of mistabulated votes already discovered --- there is nothing at all worth investigating.

And investigation is precisely what The Boston Globe chose not to do. (Unless one considers reading The BRAD BLOG to be "investigation").

Please feel free to ombud@globe.com?BCC=TheB....com&Subject=Please INVESTIGATE Voter Irregularity, Mistabulation and Fraud NOW!">click here to politely let The Globe know what you think of their lack of investigation into this matter. Include name, address and phone if you wish to have your messages considered for publication. (Only name will be used for publication).