And other Details from This Week in D.C.
By Brad Friedman on 1/4/2005, 3:25pm PT  

We've just received word from the producer of Fox News Live with Alan Colmes on the Fox News Radio Network that Clint Curtis will be appearing live tomorrow night (Wednesday) as Colmes' guest at 11pm ET.

Alan is a regular BRAD BLOG reader, so be nice! ;-)

If you don't pick up Colmes' show in your area, you can listen live online via this link.

We will attempt to record the hour if possible to make the audio available later as an update to this item for those who can't listen live. Though we're not always successful at such audio captures, and appreciate anyone else who may be able to attempt same as a backup for us.

As previously reported, Curtis will be in D.C. tomorrow to participate in a number of rallies and attend several meetings on Capitol Hill and elsewhere.

We have also learned that the hearing led by outgoing Florida Democrat, Congressman Peter Deutsch, which had been announced in this news release, likely will not occur as scheduled.

Our sources in the Judiciary Committee have informed us that the Republicans revoked the privilege for Democrats to use the hearing room one they heard what the hearing was to have been about.

Anyone surprised?

UPDATE: 1/6/05 Colmes gave Curtis a good (and very tough) grilling! Happy to hear it! And I think he stood up well to the questioning. I heard no inconsistencies in his story.

The Colmes/Curtis radio interview is now online. Thanks to our pals at!