Discussing Clint Curtis Story and much more!
Being the media!...
By Brad Friedman on 2/17/2005, 11:42am PT  

Sorry for the short notice, but we were just asked to jump in and do the show today at 1:20pm PT (4:20pm ET) for twenty or thirty minutes to discuss the Clint Curtis story on Radio Left.

UPDATE: I was told I'd be on for about 20 or 30 minutes, and we ended up chatting for an hour! About Clint Curtis, about Velvet Revolution, left and rightwing blogging, Jeff Gannon, weak-kneed Democrats, hypocritical Republicans and the state of politics and the country in general. Was a lot of fun!

Since I didn't know I'd be on that long, my computer stopped recording around the 40 minute mark, so there's a few minutes missed in my recording and a glitch in the tape right around that point before I was able to start up the recording again.

My thanks to Geoff Staples of RadioLeft.com for inviting me on. And I look forward to chatting with both him and his partner Carolyn again in the near future!

You can listen up if you wish, via one of the following links (NOTE: If there's any surveillance experts out there who wish to offer an opinion on all of that clicking you'll hear on my phone line, and if it sounds like a phone tap to you, let me know! If my phone is now tapped, then...Hi Guys!...How are ya?!...I guess I have the radio show I always wanted, but didn't even know I already had! :-)

(As mentioned previously, working on several stories I'd hoped to have ready for today...Due to this delightful interruption and a few others, I've been set back. As usual. Hope to have a few things, however, later this evening, and more again for tomorrow in any case!)