Take Action Now!
By Brad Friedman on 3/26/2005, 11:57am PT  

The entirely and purposefully misleading 31-page report on Election Problems in Ohio that was produced by the fake "voting rights" group calling themselves the "American Center for Voting Rights" (ACVR) is now serving it's purpose by being propagated on Rightwing blogs and Internet sites who either don't bother to look into something before posting it, or (perhaps more likely) look, but don't care.

You are now needed to counter this dis-info!

A Google search for "American Center for Voting Rights" will produce several sites which are now running this report and which refer to this group as "non-partisan" (which all BRAD BLOG readers should know by now is a scam...See this, this, this and this if you don't already know that!)

One example is this entry from Blogs for Bush.

I've left a comment on that item to counter their purposeful disinfo, though --- as is the case on many Rightwing sites which even bother to take comments, many don't --- the comment will have to be "approved" before it's posted. We'll see if it ever gets "approved".

That said, here is what I posted. Feel free to copy and post it, or anything you like, there and elsewhere. It's important that you guys don't let this disinformation --- from this fake group purposely formed to do exactly this --- get disseminated throughout the Rightwing Echo Chamber! Take Action NOW to Counter their Disinfo!

Your "nonpartisan American Center for Voting Rights" is a GOP front group specifically created (outta nowhere, Talon News-like, just last Thursday) to help disseminate the disinfo that you have dutifully reposted.

Please see:
"New 'Non-Partisan' 'Voting Rights' Org is a Republican Front Group!"


"High-Level Republicans from the New 'Non-Partisan' 'American Center for Voting Rights' Explain Themselves..."


"Mystery Solved! Location of 'American Center for Voting Rights' Found! Exclusive Photographs!"

Pay attention. If Kerry/Edwards '04 lead attorney and the lead 2004 Communications Director from the DNC got together to create a fake group disseminating disinfo about an election *they* were involved in, would you call them "nonpartisan"?

Would you care if they were conducting "tax-exempt" activities at the expense of tax payers?

Would you care if they testified 3 days after forming as "experts" before a Congressional Hearing and didn't identify themselves as being high level Kerry/Edwards/DNC officials?

If you would care about all of that, then hold your own people to the same high standards. Or you have none yourselves.

Perhaps I also should have added how this fake "Voting Rights" group is an extraordinary insult to all the real voting rights groups and advocates who have put their lives on the line and have been killed in the process of trying to achieve true voting rights in America for centuries.

Perhaps I also should have mentioned the thousands of Americans now putting their lives on the line for true voting rights around the world, and how this ACVR group and their disinfo campaign is an affront to our American troops who are --- right now --- dying for this very cause.

Get to work! Start making some noise out there! I can't save democracy all by myself, ya know! ;-)