By Brad Friedman on 3/27/2005, 2:57pm PT  

My Thursday interview with Alan Nathan on Battle Line was a hoot. He calls himself a "centrist" because he has some extreme views on both the Right and the Left. Not my idea of a "centrist". And I assure you, he's on the hard Right when it comes to the Election Irregularities of 2004, even while he agrees we need paper trails on E-voting machines. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a recording of the interview, but Nathan has promised he'd get one to me, and I'll post it when/if I get it.

On Friday, however, I was on Radio Liberty with the charming Dr. Stan Monteith. Wasn't sure what to expect prior to the interview, but it ended up being one of the most enjoyable I've done. Dr. Stan is a REPUBLICAN (a real, live Conservative! Not a fake one!) who gets it in regards to the voting machines and our crumbling democracy in their wake. He's also a delightful fellow...Really enjoyed this one and was surprised to find him bashing the U.S. Government and the Administration far more than I ever do!

Just under 50 minutes (first minute or two was cut off), and you get to hear "God Bless America" played about 8 times in the bargain! Streaming RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, or MP3 Download.