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'TIS THE SEASON to DO IT AGAIN ... and AGAIN ... and AGAIN ... and AGAIN ... and AGAIN
By Winter Patriot on 5/1/2005, 11:44pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

We're rolling backwards at the moment, coasting along in Retro Mode, or so it seems.
After the Best Of The Brad Show and a repost of last week's comic,
some loyal readers and listeners must be wondering:
How much worse can this get?

I just happen to know the answer
and I don't think it would be fair to leave you hangin' ...

After substantial physical exertions and copious laborious toil, I have obtained and aquired, and I now hold and possess, a permit license from the department of redundancy department. Therefore, to press!

It brings me great pain and mournful sorrow to present {mumbling} The Worst of Winter Patriot. Like much else about American politics, this blog is at least half again as bad as you suspect, no matter how much you think you already know! Here, for your disdain, is an appallingly long list of essays which you would do well to avoid!!

he keeps hinting Is Bush Ready To Resign?

the blackest op of all 9/11 Was A Hoax: How and When I Knew It

lost for words Oh War / Merry Christmas

"baby-killers" A Perfect Double-Cross

challenging ohio The Triumph of Bullshit

fear and loathing after 9/11 Trouble

the 2nd inaugural address Burn

in search of maximum pain How To Spot Evil

rice in europe It's Too Surreal

published elsewhere On The Autopsy Table

Wow! Wasn't that awful?? I'd rather walk the malls looking for a plaid polyester leisure suit and a pair of black and white vinyl saddle shoes!!

There's a lot more fuzzy thinking and uninspired writing over at the Winter Patriot blog, as well as --- for the necessary 'gravitas' --- many links to excellent articles by some very good writers.

So, please, if you have made it this far without clicking on any of those links, see if you can make it all the way to the next thread ...

That's right. It's a stupid little game. How "retro"!!

Here's the game:

Let's see...

... whether you can make it all the way to the next thread without clicking here or here or here or here or here!

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Did you make it? Good for you!!