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Open Show Thread...
By Winter Patriot on 5/7/2005, 3:46pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

The Brad Show goes LIVE! again this week after last week's unfortunate interruption. This week's guests include:

* Raw Story's John Byrne and Larisa Alexandrovna
* Carol Towarnicky of the Philadelphia News
* Nationally Syndicated Columnist Robert Kohler
* Attorney Ted Kalo, who represents the House Democrats and John Conyers

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And this MESSAGE FROM LARISA reposted from another thread:

Please go to DU and keep this post kicked for the show.

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UPDATED: with links to tonight's Brad Show guests and their work...

John Byrne is Editor and Publisher of The Raw Story. His biography is here.

John will be speaking about his most recent investigative piece, Bush Florida 2000 recount committee still owes lobbyist's former firm $314k,
which was covered in this recent Brad Blog article: BREAKING!!! DELAY FUNDRAISING SCANDAL EXPANDS INTO WHITE HOUSE!!! BIG TIME!!!


Attorney Ted Kalo represents the House Democrats and Representative John Conyers.

As loyal Brad Blog readers know, Representative Conyers has been working for Democracy and Accountability, for a long time, sometimes seemingly alone. His name has appeared in several recent Brad Blog articles, including Conyers Pressures White House Over Secret British Memo!! and CONYERS UNLEASHED! DECRIES ELECTION REFORM HEARINGS AS 'OUTRAGEOUS', 'RACIALLY-CHARGED'!

Other recent Brad Blog articles featuring the work of this fine American Patriot include:

John Conyers Meets With Executive Director of Election Reform Comm, Contacts BRAD BLOG!

Conyers to Carter: James Baker 'Inappropriate' for Blue-Ribbon Election Commission!

Maxine Waters Joins Conyers! Asks Colleagues to Sign Letter to Voting Machine Companies!

Conyers' Gannon Resolution: 'When will we say enough is enough?'

John Conyers Endorses VR's 'Divestiture for Democracy' Campaign!

Dodd and Conyers Introduce Comprehensive Election Reform Legislation

Conyers Won't Quit!

John Conyers - The BRAD BLOG's 2004 Man of the Year!

Conyers to Object to Electoral College Results!

See also: this article from TruthOut concerning the report "Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio". You can download the full report (a 102-page PDF file) here.

See also: John Conyers' blog


Deputy Managing Editor Larisa Alexandrovna of The Raw Story will join Brad to speak about the so-called "Real ID Act". Larisa's biography is here.

Her recent articles concerning this extremely dangerous legislation include REAL ID ACT CANNOT PASS: URGENT and Immigration bill sparks furor among some House Republicans, gun owners, and civil libertarians; Quietly breaking ranks.


Carol Towarnicky was [to the best of our knowledge] the first mainstream reporter to publish a revealing story on the White House comings and goings of Jeff Gannon a.k.a. James Guckert, the infamous gay male prostitute and online pimp who posed as a reporter and apparently gained unfettered access to the White House. See this Brad Blog post for more details: WHITE HOUSE REPORTER WHO DOUBLED AS A GAY HOOKER FINALLY MAKES THE PAPERS! The Raw Story recently broke the story of Gannon's/Guckert's White House / Secret Service logs see this item: Gannon-Guckert/Secret Service Docs Reveal Odd White House Comings and Goings... for links and details.


Bob Koehler, syndicated columnist, attended the Nash-ional Conference on Election Reform, then started writing about the issues. To his surprise, he found it difficult to get his columns published! His story and his work have been featured in these recent Brad Blog articles:

'Editor & Publisher' Picks up on Spiked Koehler Column Story!

Tribune Syndicate Spikes Robert Koehler's Latest Column!

Chicago Tribune: Nixon 'Moral Example' on Election Issues!

Democracy in the Balance: The Silent Scream of the Mainstream Media

Here are a few great columns by Bob Koehler:

Maybe we can't have election reform without media reform
Citizens in the rain

If they can disable an election, what's coming next?
Democracy's Abu Ghraib

The 2004 election was stolen — will someone please tell the media?
The silent scream of numbers

Did the U.S. military deliberately target journalists in Baghdad?
Killing the witnesses

Your [t]rusty correspondent, the lowly and nearly frozen Winter Patriot, featured one of Bob's other columns in the recent piece "Read 'Em And Weep".

Please visit Bob Koehler's excellent website, BOB KOEHLER'S COMMON WONDERS.

AND FINALLY! It's been a great show, not without technical problems, but these are to be expected while broadcasting from the road, in a studio where the engineer is a Bush supporter! Just kidding, Ken! Thanks to Ken for looking after the clips and the mix and so on...

Thanks once again to all our guests tonight: they were so good! Thanks again to Brad ... For all you do ... This blog's for you! More thanks tonight: to all those who have been listening, and to all those who have been commenting, and especially to everyone who has been making donations! We don't like to ask, but we'd rather ask than vanish! And those are our choices at the moment, so we ask. Thanks very much to all who responded ... and if you haven't done so already, it's not too late.

I want to take this opportunity to send Brad our best wishes for safe travel, and that's on behalf of all of us, as he is about to hit the road. As for me, I'm about to hit ... the button that says "post this" ;-)