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Open Show Thread...
By Winter Patriot on 5/21/2005, 3:47pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

The Brad Show returns this week with an excellent guest list --- and it promises to be a great show, if the mysterious Radio Gods will permit it.

Brad's guests will include:
Larisa Alexandrovna of The Raw Story on the judges at the heart of the so-called "nuclear option"
Dave Astor, Senior Editor of Editor & Publisher, on the state of the mainstream media
Andrew Borene of Operation Truth speaking about Friday's stand-down of military recruitment
John Byrne of The Raw Story to share and discuss his recent interview with Senator Dick Durbin
Jim Lampley, HBO/NBC sportscaster and Huffington Post blogger

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Here we go with some more Raw Radio. Should be fun. Hang on to your ... um ... stuff! ;-) And check back here --- at the top of the page --- for more links and other info, every now and then.

UPDATED! with links and scheduling info.

Join us for the first hour, in which Brad interviews Jim Lampley. Or tries to ;-) ...

Last week's interview with Jim Lampley was fantastic; unfortunately the broadcast was not! And the second half of the interview had to be "bumped" because the first half-hour of the broadcast suffered mysterious interference ... This week, internet radio gremlins permitting, the first hour of the show will feature the full interview between Brad Friedman and Jim Lampley.

Lampley has been making news of great interest to Brad Blog readers lately, because of what he has written about the 2004 presidential election on Arianna Huffington's new wild and crazy blog, The Huffington Post.

Lampley has been featured in the following Brad Blog threads:

HUFFINGTON POST: Bush Re-election 'Biggest Crime in History of the Nation'!
ROUND 2: Jim Lampley's Election 2004 'Biggest Crime in History of Nation' Post Met With Timid Jab from National Review/Fox News' Byron York!
'Intellectual Conservative' Aaron Goldstein Embarrasses Self Attempting to Embarrass Jim Lampley!
Lampley Fires Back at Goldstein!

You may also enjoy exploring these links:

Jim Lampley Biography at Huffington Post

Items of note at The Huffington Post which were written by Jim Lampley:

The Biggest Story Of Our Lives
With Apologies To Byron York
To Byron York and Other Ostriches
To Roger L. Simon: the rest of the story
The Emerging Democratic Majority

And there's more here too:

The Huffington Post / Jim Lampley Archive

Various other Huffington Posters have stuck their respective oars in the water and links to most of their posts can be found via the BradBlog links listed above ...

In the second hour, Brad will have an interview with Dave Astor and a replay of some astonishing testimony from George Galloway.

Dave Astor is the Senior Editor of Editor & Publisher.

Among his recent columns:
Syndicate Opts for Substitute Column About 2004 Election Problems
Several Papers Nix Self-Syndicated Armstrong Williams Column

Tuesday's testimony from George Galloway has been the subject of these recent Brad Blog threads:

British MP Galloway Shames Sen. Coleman & Bush's 'Oil-for-Food' Sycophants in Remarkable Testimony!
Galloway's Senate Testimony Scrubbed from Official Subcommittee Website!

In the third hour Deputy Managing Editor Larisa Alexandrovna of The Raw Story will join Brad to speak about the judges at the heart of the so-called "nuclear option".

For background on the attempt by Republicans to change the traditional filibuster rules in the Senate, see these Brad Blog items:

Fillibuster Blitzkreig!: GOP Senator Compares Dems to Hitler on Floor of U.S. Senate!
GOP Talking Points: 'No Nukes'!
... and/or visit these links:
Nan Aron and the Alliance for Justice Tell Us Just What the Republicans Are Up To With Their "Nuclear Option"
The Nuclear Option

also in the third hour, Brad will speak with Andrew Borene of Operation Truth about Friday's stand-down in military recruiting.

Andrew Borene is an outspoken advocate for America's newest veterans. He is an Independent Consultant and currently serves as the President of the National Security & Law Society. A former Investment Banker and football coach, he is pursuing a Juris Doctor at the University of Minnesota Law School using the Montgomery G.I. Bill, and is the 2004 recipient of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers Front Line Forces graduate studies scholarship. He was an intelligence officer with the 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force and served in Iraq during major combat operations. Recent pieces by Andrew Borene include The Sound of the Ground War and Taking Care of Our Own.

In the fourth hour, Managing Editor of The Raw Story, John Byrne will join Brad to play and discuss John's recent interview with Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL).