Another Patriot Speaks Out Against the Failure of the Corporate Mainstream Media...
By Brad Friedman on 6/1/2005, 4:34pm PT  

We've been reminded, in the hours since the revelation of the identity of "Deep Throat" of the importance of patriotic Americans speaking out, wherever the case may be, in favor of truth over lies, honesty over corruption.

We've also noted, with particular respect to both Woodward and Bernstein, their promise well-kept over 30 years to keep their source confidential. That is a promise that we regularly extend --- and indeed to keep --- to confidential sources who share sensitive information with The BRAD BLOG. We have always honored that promise throughout our brief history, and we take this occasion to assure such sources, both current and future, that we intend to guard such confidentiality with the same sort of integrity that W&B guarded the identity of W. Mark "Deep Throat" Felt.

There are other timely matters --- many of them --- that the revelation of "Deep Throat's" identity brings to mind right about now as we find ourselves with another American "President" who seems to disregard the American People and their Constitution with even more cavalier disrespect (if one can imagine it) than Richard Nixon did some thirty years ago. And while Nixon's disregard for the truth and the Constitution ultimately hurt mostly himself and his cronies, Bush's offenses have led quite directly to the untimely deaths, dismemberments and life-long nightmares of thousands of Americans and World Citizens. But more on that at later date...

For now, we'll share a letter written today to Mssrs. Russert and Brokaw by our friend and patriot, Bernie Ellis. Bernie is the organizer of the historic "Gathering To Save Our Democracy - a National Conference on the 2004 Election and the Need for Election Reform" held recently in Nashville.

In his letter today, he manages to hit quite a few timely nails square on the head as to the matter of the gross delinquency of the American Mainstream Corporate Media today...And he manages to do it with more than a bit colorful Southern flair to boot!...

To Tim Russert and Tom Brokaw:

This morning, I turned on TV briefly (to catch the weather report, since we really need rain here in Tennessee) and I heard the two of you discussing the self-outing of "Deep Throat" yesterday. At the end of your on-air discussion, you said, "If there's another Deep Throat out there, give us a call, won't you. We're waiting for your call."

Yeah, bullshit. For the past eight months, thousands of people have been sending you information on the 2004 stolen election and you've been ignoring it like a burning herpes sore on your anus when your wife asks you why you just can't sit still. So here's one more attempt to call your bluff. How about contacting Clint Curtis and Sherole Eaton, both of whom have very important stories to tell about the 2004 election theft, and neither of whom is hiding anything (including their identities).

Clint Curtis has testified under oath numerous times and has taken a polygraph test (which he passed) saying that he was hired by Tom Feeney (now a Republican Congressman from Florida and the chief beneficiary of Tom DeLay's largess) to create a software program to hack electronic voting machines (and throw the elections) in south Florida. Sherole Eaton has been fired as an elections official in Ohio after going public with an affidavit saying that a Triad employee (another electronic voting equipment vendor) had illegally tampered with the vote tabulating equipment in her county (including replacing the hard drive) just before the sham recount occurred there. Once again, neither of these brave Americans have hidden their identities or their stories. But they may as well have, for all the attention that you and the rest of the corporate media has given their stories since they went public.

So don't fool yourselves, because you certainly are not fooling us. There are no more Woodwards and Bernsteins left in the corporate media, only patriotism-deficient reporters competing to out-trivialize "Access Hollywood" on the evening (non) news. If you had an ounce of journalistic curiosity or patriotic relevance left, you would write Clint Curtis immediately (his email is above) and arrange an on-camera interview tomorrow. Or you would contact Bob Fitrakis with the Columbus Free Press or Brad Friedman with BradBlog (whose email addresses are also listed above) to conduct an interview with Ms. Eaton --- I am sure they would be happy to arrange it right away. If you don't do those things, stop kidding yourself that you are American journalists in the Woodward/Bernstein tradition any more than the "hot military stud" whose presence in OUR White House press corps was another quickly forgotten and barely covered story. Your self-imposed journalistic castration says more about your fear of, or fawning flirtatiousness with, this illegitimate regime which has captured our country than anything that you and your bloated cohorts have revealed in quite some time.

"Deep Throat, call us --- we're waiting." Waiting for what --- to put Clint and Sherole on indefinite hold, where they can listen to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" played ad nauseum until the shuttle service to Gitmo comes to pick them up. Shame on you folks --- your on-camera hubris is only matched by your irrelevance these days.

So get in touch with Clint and Sherole or stop pretending you do anything of value for this country. Hurry along now, there must be another celebrity somewhere doing something else nauseating enough to keep us distracted while our votes are stolen and our democracy is smothered under a Paris Hilton-stained pillow.

If you're what passes for journalists these days, we don't need no steenkin' journalists. At least not ones who cash GE checks.

Most assuredly,

Bernie Ellis, Organizer
Gathering To Save Our Democracy

In a related note, we hope to have whistleblower Sherole Eaton as a guest on this Saturday's BRAD SHOW (we are currently attempting to work out some time conflicts) and have Bob Fritakis of Columbus Free Press tentatively scheduled to appear the following week. We'll let you know when both of those appearances have been finalized.

We've already had Clint Curtis on the show and you are welcome to listen to the MP3 archive of that interview here. For more information on Clint Curtis, please see below the following...

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