ElectionAssessment.org to Hold Alternate Election Reform Hearings!
VR Webletter Campaign Launched to inform Baker/Carter Members to Attend!
By Brad Friedman on 6/28/2005, 1:05pm PT  

Tomorrow, in Houston, the day prior to the Baker/Carter Commission's 2nd and Final hearing on Election Reform, ElectionAssessment.org is holding their own alternate hearings featuring many of the Experts and Advocates that the Baker/Carter Commission should have asked to testify at their own hearings!

Velvet Revolution has created a webletter allowing you to inform the Baker/Carter Commission about these alternate hearings!

Unfortunately, the Baker/Carter Commission has now irrevocably discredited themselves by stacking the deck with Partisan Operatives and Voting Machine Company Representatives as we have reported here many times. So it's up to groups like ElectionAssessment.org to present the honest testimony required for any commission to make real recommendations for Election Reform in the United States of America!

Please click here to send an Email Immediately to Baker/Carter Commission Members about ElectionAssessment.org's Hearings...

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The superb set of real witnesses and experts scheduled to give testimony tomorrow include the following...

Issues Identified in Electoral Processes:
Rev. Bill Moss, Plaintiff, Moss v. Bush
Bob Fitrakis, Editor, Free Press
Richard Hayes Phillips, Legal Statistician
Richard Winger, Ballot Access Expert
Kathy Dopp, US Count Votes
Judy Alter, Election Investigator
David Griscom, Adjunct Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Sherole Eaton, Former Deputy Director, Hocking County Board of Elections, and whistleblower

Impact of Digital Voting Systems on Electoral Processes:
Bev Harris, Black Box Voting

Causes for Electoral Process Issues and Recommended Solutions:
Ted Selker, Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project
David Cobb, Green Party Presidential Candidate
Linda Curtis, Independent Texans
Lynn Landes, Freelance Journalist
Jo Anne Karasek, CASE Ohio, J-30
Cynthia Test, Coalition for Election Integrity
Heleni Thayre, Citizens for Voting Integrity
Sharona Merel, National Ballot Integrity Project
David Wager, Verifiable Votes Coalition of Houston