Another Friendly Reminder for the '6 or 7'
By Winter Patriot on 7/4/2005, 1:02pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

The following important message has just arrived from our friend Steve, and I encourage you to read it carefully.

Happy 4th of July to the REAL American patriots --- those who love our country enough to question its “leadership” and the direction in which that “leadership” is taking our great nation.

I guess that's enough proselytizing, so let's move on to the matters at hand. We have a new, updated flyer for The First Annual Brad Blog Blogathon & Fundraiser. The Word version of this document can be copied or downloaded HERE. We also have a JPEG version (courtesy of Torqued) for the Word doc. challenged among us. {SEE UPDATE BELOW! --- WP} As the rest of you can see, we've filled out our roster of “live” and “non-live” (but not dead) guest bloggers. We will also be posting a schedule of the times of the “live” guest appearances in the next day or so.

We should AGAIN remind you that we need you to ACTIVELY DISSEMINATE THE ANNOUNCEMENT FLYER TO FRIENDS, WEB/BLOG SITES, MESSAGE BOARDS, E-MAIL ADDRESSES, NEWSPAPERS, RADIO STATIONS (anyone with connections to Air America, Thom Hartmann, etc.?) and anywhere else you can think of (kind of like The Whispering Campaign).

We also remind you to PLEASE e-mail GOOD digital images of any artistic endeavor that you have made and are willing to donate for a silent raffle (or you could get from someone else- e.g., friend, local art shop/studio, etc.). I regret to say that, so far, we have but ONE (count ‘em, ONE) pledge (no images yet) of such an artistic contribution for our raffle. This does NOT have to be fine art. Anything you think might sell would be great! You should e-mail these images to We would also appreciate a suggested value/price and estimated size and weight. During the Blogathon, these images will be posted at a site that will be linkable when the auction for the particular item is announced on Brad Blog and opened for bids. We will have to set a minimum bid for the object to be purchased in order to provide a reasonable profit for the fundraiser AND to cover the cost of delivery of the object to the winning bidder, which we would pay. This will necessitate that the raffle donations not be so large or so heavy as to be prohibitively expensive to deliver to the recipient. If the item is not bid upon or does not receive its minimum bid, it will be retained by the donor (unless Brad wants it and you are willing to send it to him!).

The previously mentioned efforts (DISSEMINATE THE FLYER AND CONTRIBUTE ITEMS/SEND IMAGES FOR THE SILENT RAFFLES) are ways for people to contribute to the success of the Blogathon Fundraiser, whether or not they can contribute financially. Please get behind this for a worthy cause……BRAD!

See you at the Blogathon (and bring a friend!)

One of The Brad Blog 6 or 7 Squad

{UPDATE July 5th by WP}: Here is a full list of the flyers now available:
in MS-Word format
in HTML form
as a JPEG image
another place to get the JPEG image
Thanks to Torqued for all these extra goodies and of course thanks to Steve as well ...

IT'S YOUR TURN NOW!! Chat this up; tell all your friends; link to these flyers wherever you can; print and copy and plaster them all over the place {but not on cars! that's dangerous and annoying and in some places it's illegal} ... anything else you can think of.

ALSO: If you have any other good ideas about how to publicize the BLOGATHON, please don't keep them to yourself. Consider the rest of us. We want to know! Thanks as always.

Now let's get moving!