By Steve Viele on 7/8/2005, 10:45pm PT  

Guest Blogged by Steve Viele

Thanks to Bradblogger Tracy, Clint Curtis will have a new German Shepherd in December to replace the one he lost under mysterious circumstances after becoming a whistleblower in the Yang Enterprises, Inc., Tom Feeney vote-rigging scandal. It is possible that Ray Lemme was not the only one “suicided” in that sordid affair.

Now, YOU will have a chance to name Clint's new dog.

For those of you who are experts in the lingo of dog breeding and championship K9's, Tracy writes, “the first two photos that I'm sending are of the "mother" (so much nicer than bitch). Her name is Sophie. Her lines are out of Winsome Kennels which has bred some of the finest German Shepherds in America and sends frequent visitors to Westminster.

“The third photo is of the sire. He is deceased but it will be a frozen fatherhood. He was AOE US Select #2 Am Can Ch Saterhaus McKinley ROM ROMC TC HC HIC CD (ed.note: got that?). This dog will always be remembered as one of the most beautiful dogs in the breed. Sadly he was a very underused dog, although even with a very small number of litters he still won the much desired ROM title. Which means that 10 or more of his progeny have received Championship titles.”

Pretty neat parents, don't you think? Just too bad about the sire being “very underused”. Oh well, happens to the best of us. Anyway, you can click on this LINK to see these handsome members of their species.

Once you've had a good gander, hopefully it will all come together for you and the winning name will hit you like a rubber chew toy to the forehead! Once that happens, click on the comments button below and post your lucky entry. While entering this contest does not require that you make a contribution to the Bradblog fundraiser and we are not tracking who does or doesn't, it is HIGHLY recommended that you make some kind of contribution, big or small because: Brad is worth it! AND if you win you will get a real keen Brad Bobblehead Doll! All entries must be in by closing time Sunday night. Oops, we never close at the Brad Blog, so get them in by midnight. Clint will pick the winning entry and the lucky labeler will be named on Monday. Please scroll through previous entries because, in the event of duplicate names, the earliest entry for that name will be the winner. Go to it!

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